The use of the Lecher- antenna in holistic healthcare

Scientists established that the cohesion and existence of all matter is due to energy, which is measurable as electromagnetic radiation. Every single cell in the body, every bacterium, virus or fungus, every group of cells and each “body” vibrates and has its own unique vibrational frequency. Whether it is a human body or, for example, the earth, it all vibrates at a different frequency. The Earth’s vibrational frequency is called the Schumann frequency, which is 7.83 Hz, or slightly higher.

Each part of the body has its own frequency, and this gets very detailed. There’s not only a frequency of the liver itself, but also of all parts of the liver such as the Kupffer cells, bile capillaries, the hormones involved, etcetera. Besides the vibrational frequencies of the physical body, meridians, emotions, energy flows, chakras, etcetera, all have their own unique frequency. All these different frequencies are a form of electromagnetic radiation and can be measured with the Lecher-antenna. In the past 30 years, an extended list of frequencies has been drawn up, aided by a whole team of veterinarians, holistic therapists and building biologists.

With the Lecher-antenna with its magnetic rod, it is possible to measure the energy strength of different wavelengths/ frequencies, and therefore the energy strength of organs, pathogens or pathologies. When the energy strength deviates from the normal values, we know the organ is out of balance.

When adjusted to the frequency of a certain organ, the Lecher-antenna with its magnetic rod measures the energy-strength of that organ. The extent to which the energy strength deviates from the standard, is indicative for the energy imbalance of this organ. The Lecher-antenna makes it possible to gather a lot of information about organs, tissues, inflammatory processes, emotions, parasites, illnesses and much more, in a short space of time. It localises painful inflammatory foci and blockages accurately.

Because people and animals are increasingly suffering from a geo-pathogenic- as well as an electro-pathogenic-load, the Lecher-antenna course extensively addresses Building Biology and its practical applications. For further information please visit:

A few medically relevant examples:
Its use with acupuncture
Using the Lecher-antenna, both blockages in the meridians as well as the amount of energy within the meridian, can be measured. Besides, you can find therapeutic points. The Lecher antenna is one of the few instruments that localises pain points precisely.

Its use with neural therapy
Neural therapy aims to find and block interference fields. When measuring the patient with the Lecher-antenna, you gain information that could indicate such interference fields; then it is easy to find these and treat them effectively.

Its use with manual therapies
Using the Lecher-antenna, pain points and blockages in the spine can be localised and diagnosed accurately. This way it is possible to find the cause of mobility problems and start the right treatment, with or without manual manipulation.

Its medicinal use in homeopathy and phytotherapy
The Lecher-antenna assesses the appropriateness of chosen medication and predicts the level of its effect.

Den Hoek, a holistic clinic for animals and humans, centrally located in the Netherlands (, has incorporated the use of the Lecher-antenna , into their daily practice.

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