Lecher antenna general course

Next Lecher antenna basic course (6 days) starts in the fall of 2019

Course language: Dutch

Course dates: 4 and 5 October, 1 and 2 November, 29 and 30 November 2019

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Scientists established that the cohesion and existence of all matter is due to energy, which is measurable as electromagnetic (EM-) radiation. Every organ, tissue or cell has its own specific vibrational frequency. This EM-radiation is what is being measured with the Lecher antenna. Therefore, the exact level of health or pathology of an internal organ or tissue can be measured with the Lecher Antenna. It provides information about organs and tissues, as well as inflammatory processes, emotions, parasites, illnesses, and localizes Painful Inflammatory Foci and blockages accurately.

The Lecher Antenna is a highly valuable instrument to use in many different specialty areas: as aid in acupuncture, manual therapies and neural therapy, and it validates the appropriateness of a chosen medicine (including homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medication) or supplement and predicts the level of its effect.

Because people and animals are increasingly suffering from a geo-pathogenic as well as an electro-pathogenic-load, this course extensively addresses Building Biology and its practical applications using the Lecher antenna. Thijs Tjaden teaches this section.

The emphasis in the Lecher antenna course lies on learning how to use it and its medical applications. Besides this, our central theme is how to use it in your practice, whether you are a veterinarian, a doctor or therapist, and whether you work with people or animals. You will learn to measure with the Lecher antenna.

When adjusted to the frequency of a certain organ, the Lecher antenna with its magnetic rod measures the energy-strength of that organ. The extent to which the energy strength deviates from the standard, is indicative for the energy imbalance of this organ. The Lecher antenna makes it possible to gather a lot of information about organs, tissues, inflammatory processes, emotions, parasites, illnesses and much more, in a short space of time. It localises painful inflammatory foci and blockages accurately.

The highly experienced teachers guide you through this course: Eric Laarakker (holistic veterinarian, acupuncturist, researcher), Claudia de Gooijer-Kant and Thijs Tjaden (Building Biology). You receive a digital copy of the Lecher antenna frequencies©, gathered and researched by Eric Laarakker, with more than 3500 frequencies, to measure people, animals and the environment into great detail.

The 6-day course consists of three 2-day modules in which you have ample opportunity to practice with the guidance of the expert teachers. Skill in using the Lecher antenna is only acquired by plenty of practice and to have your measurements verified wherever possible.

Our prime purpose in this extended course is to teach you how to make your measurements using the Lecher antenna.

Other subjects in the Lecher antenna course are: measuring the energy in the three different layers (physical, energetic and personality layer); measuring on the hand and on the body; calibrate and compare; which structure is connected to the problem; setting up your own measuring protocol; introduction to building biology (i.e. measuring pathological radiation, conducting an interference field investigation, influence of equipment, and environmental factors); the influence of certain products; testing therapy blockages and high frequency interference fields and how to treat them; the influence of field alterations; measuring food, water, trees and plants; clinical application of the Lecher antenna; measuring manure, urine and saliva samples; testing natural medication and much more.

Course venue
Den Hoek, Bisschopsweg 2, 3732 HW De Bilt, The Netherlands.


Course length and study load
The course comprises 3 two-day modules (12-noon until 5:15pm), where theory and practice alternate. Between the modules the student is expected to actively engage in measuring with the Lecher antenna and gain experience and confidence. The estimated study load therefore is about 90 hours (course days, theory and practise spread out over 3 months). On completion of the course you receive a certificate of participation.

€950. This price includes coffee, tea and some light snacks and course notes. The Lecher antenna is not included in this fee as some people already own one. You can order the Lecher antenna separately at €189*.
* Price may be subject to change

The course is open for everyone who wishes to learn to use the Lecher antenna. You do not need to have completed the (Dutch) Foundational Medical Training in order to enrol in this course. Everyone is able to learn to use this instrument and use it in private circle to measure people, animals and the environment. The course though is aimed at practitioners to learn to integrate the Lecher antenna in their daily practice. Prior to and during this course, we emphasize that especially for our students without medical knowledge and/ or medical certification, it is important to use this instrument ethically and with integrity. When you are not a doctor or veterinarian, please do not make a medical diagnosis/ assumption you should not make. In case you suspect a medical problem, refer that person or animal to someone who is certified to treat them. When you adhere to this important principle, both the Lecher antenna and the Connection sensor are highly valuable instruments in your daily life.

Course notes

Eric Laarakker, Claudia de Gooijer-Kant and Thijs Tjaden.

Besides our basic course, we offer several in-depth refresher courses for using the Lecher antenna in acupuncture, manual therapies, choice of medication, Building Biology and neural therapy.