Connection sensor general course

The 2020 course has been cancelled due to the Corona virus. Please contact us for future dates.

Spoken language: Dutch.

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During this practical 4-day course, you learn to examine and treat your patient with the Connection sensor, as developed by Eric Laarakker. Also, the Connection sensor is a highly valuable tool to test food and supplements. You can use the Connection sensor to refine your diagnosis and make clear-cut decisions in your treatment. In this course you learn how to examine the body energetically and how to treat the body energetically using the Connection sensor. The latter is contrary to other pendulums/ bio-tensors that can only be used for examining.

The Connection sensor is a highly effective tool in addition to other holistic therapies like acupuncture, manual therapies, homeopathy and phytotherapy. You can accurately identify and treat energetic disruptions, blockages, pain points and therapeutic points. In case of digestive issues, you will learn to test which foods and/ or supplements are or are not appropriate for your patient. In short, the Connection sensor is, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, a very effective tool in holistic medicine.

In this course, the emphasis lies on learning to use the Connection sensor in various aspects. You learn how to test a person or animal, and gain information about their individual health status, on physical, energetic and personal level. Paramount in this course is practicing on your fellow students and possibly on brought pets, guided by the teachers.

Eric Laarakker, Claudia de Gooijer-Kant and Aleid Hillebrand.

Course venue
Den Hoek, Bisschopsweg 2, 3732 HW De Bilt, The Netherlands.


From 12-noon until 5.15pm (5 hours per day)

Study load
With the course (4 days- 20 hours), you receive extended course notes as reference work. We strongly advise to start practicing daily, using the Connection sensor right from the start of the course, to gain necessary skill. Upon completion of the course, you receive a certificate of participation.

€600 for the 4-day course. This price includes coffee, tea and some light snacks and course notes; you receive an invoice beforehand. The Connection sensor and test-sets are not included in this fee. You can purchase this at the beginning of the course through the Holistic (Veterinary) surgery Den Hoek. The Connection sensor alone costs €213,50, and with a hand-made wooden case €263,50 (VAT included)*.

* Prices may be subject to change

The course is open for everyone who wishes to learn to use the Connection Sensor. You do not need to have completed the (Dutch) Foundational Medical Training in order to enrol in this course. Everyone is able to learn to use this instrument and use it in private circle to measure people, animals and the environment. The course though is aimed at practitioners to learn to integrate the Connection Sensor in their daily practice. Prior to and during this course, we emphasize that especially for our students without medical knowledge and/ or medical certification, it is important to use this instrument ethically and with integrity. When you are not a doctor or veterinarian, please do not make a medical diagnosis/ assumption you should not make. In case you suspect a medical problem, refer that person or animal to someone who is certified to treat them. When you adhere to this important principle, both the Lecher antenna and the Connection sensor are highly valuable instruments in your daily life.