Course overview

Healthcare-Academy Den Hoek organizes professional education, courses and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events for Holistic Systems (veterinary) Medicine. These courses are aimed at medical and healthcare professionals like doctors, veterinarians, physical therapists (both for people and for animals), paramedics and therapists, in addition to, deepening and broadening one’s medical background.

Agenda 2019:

The IVAS approved European Veterinary Acupuncture course has started 13 September 2018. Exclusive for veterinarians. First onsite session 11,12,13 October 2018. Registration is nog possible anymore. Download brochure veterinary acupuncture 2018   Download  Final.On-line and on-site schedule.Healthcare Academy Den Hoek.2018-19 course

Chinese veterinary Herbal Course (for veterinarians):  Fourth onsite session 7,8,9 February 2019 with herbal review including biomedicine info, herbal monographs, practical cases and case presentations by students. Download brochure-Chinese-Herbal-Course

Connection-sensor course: 24, 25 May and 14, 15 June 2019. Only available in Dutch.

Lecher-antenna general course: 21, 22 September, 5,6 October, 9,10 November 2018. Only available in Dutch. download flyer  lecher-antenne cursus-EN