Partnership with FSA

In recent years, the Holistic Center Den Hoek has grown considerably. Den Hoek’s primary line of business is the Holistic Practice for Animals and People with a team of 20 members of staff (veterinarians, therapists, practice manager, financial manager and veterinary nurses). Besides this, the Healthcare-Academy Den Hoek organizes education, courses and lectures. For these educational events we make use of the beautiful, pleasant and well-equipped course room at the Holistic Center Den Hoek. 

The increasing amount of both the number of patients at the surgery and the number of students in the courses, makes that during weekdays, it does get crowded. On the one hand it is good to see that the Holistic surgery is being used to its full potential, but on the other hand it causes difficulties for the veterinarians who are not able to use their consulting rooms during course days. We wanted to see if we could find another course venue, for at least part of the course, to unburden the Holistic Practice Den Hoek and its staff.  

Quality is paramount for us and the big picture has to be right as well, from modern facilities to the positive energy/ atmosphere to create a comfortable, inspiring learning-experience. We are convinced to have found a perfect solution for the IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture course by cooperating with the Freestyle Academy from Emiel and Chaja Voest in Ruinerwold. The Freestyle Academy offers a beautiful venue that match perfectly with our courses. Both theory classes and practice sessions can be held here. The Freestyle Academy is situated in a beautiful area in Drenthe, surrounded by picturesque nature. The Holistic Center Den Hoek has cooperated with the Freestyle Academy for a number of years, visiting once every 6 weeks as a alternative location to treat horses from the area. For more information about the FSA please visit: (website in Dutch). 

We have decided to have the October (11,12, 13) and November (15, 16, 17) 2018 sessions from our usual course venue at Den Hoek in De Bilt. This way we are able to show you the Holistic Center that Eric Laarakker and his team have built over the past 25 years. The sessions from January 2019 (session 3 – 8) will be held at the Freestyle Academy in Ruinerwold.