Course overview

Healthcare-Academy Den Hoek organizes professional education, courses and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events for (Veterinary) Holistic Systems Medicine. These courses are for pet owners and medical and healthcare professionals like doctors, veterinarians, physical therapists (both for people and for animals), paramedics and therapists. All to inspire and broadening or deepening one’s knowledge and skills.

A new IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture course is being offered in 2022/2023!  Three of the European IVAS affiliates: the Netherlands (SNVA), Germany (GerVAS) and Scandinavian countires (NoVAS), are working together to provide a new on-site course.  The collaboration is done to encourage participants from each country to share in a course which provides over 190 hours of primarily hands-on instruction in veterinary acupuncture.  The course language is English. For more information you can contact Dr. Linda Boggie, DVM , the Netherlands course coordinator at lboggie.bva@gmail.comClick here to read more…

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