Vision and Mission

“Not one patient is the same; consider therefore each patient as unique and choose the best suited individual treatment for each patient.”    Eric Laarakker

Our central theme in all the courses is the Holistic Systems Medicine vision. Connection, interaction and a personal approach are pivotal.

Every organism is connected to their environment, to members of the same species, their food, the air, surrounding plants and animals, the rhythm of the seasons, day and night, and so on. Also our internal systems, like respiratory system, alimentary tract, circulatory system, musculoskeletal system, skin, as well as our feelings, behaviour, etc. are connected on a physical, mental and emotional/ spiritual level. The interplay of the communicative and reactive internal systems determines the behaviour of this whole system. Feedback plays a major role in all this.

In other words: not only are the separate systems being examined, but even more so the way they interact with each other and their role in the whole.

For example: a wrong diet may cause internal disruption, e.g. in the alimentary tract and cause allergies, skin problems, diarrhoea or constipation, etc. The patient benefits most from a change in diet, besides treating the main symptoms.

This interplay of connection, interaction and feedback is unique for each patient and that is why every patient benefits most from a personalised approach. Chinese Medicine is an example of an existing medical paradigm, with a Systems Medicine basis.

‘We ultimately want to address the body’s self-healing mechanisms. The body is a self-organizing system and when this is activated, it is possible to achieve actual healing instead of mere symptom management’.

This innovative, dynamic view on healthcare makes it possible to approach each patient individually and find the best possible care by combining several methods of treatment, which makes it Personalised Medicine.

Our mission is:
“Improving personal health by sharing knowledge and practical experience in Holistic Systems Medicine”

We want to practice innovative healthcare and offer patients a more effective personalised treatment, therefore we share our knowledge and practical experience in our courses.

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