About us

Healthcare-Academy Den Hoek’s team has very committed teachers who are nationally and internationally renowned. They inspire and challenge you to bring out the best in you, aimed at both professional and personal development. Inspiring people, connecting people and personal growth are pivotal in our courses, besides developing new skills and achieving professional growth.

Our central theme in all the courses is the idea of Holistic Systems Medicine: all systems within an organism are interconnected: they communicate and interact. Combining several methods of treatment has a synergistic effect. This gives you as a doctor or therapist the opportunity to provide the best possible personalized care. Every human or animal is unique in our opinion, therefore this individual approach (personalised medicine) is paramount.

Wherever possible, the taught principles, techniques and methods of treatment are scientifically proven and tested.

Owner of the Healthcare-Academy Den Hoek is Eric Laarakker, holistic veterinarian and researcher. Coming forth from his drive to share his knowledge, his practical experience, and to stimulate the development of knowledge in Systems Medicine, he founded Healthcare-Academy Den Hoek in 2011. Before that time, the courses were organised by STEHD. Executive officer for Healthcare-Academy is Claudia de Gooijer-Kant, assisted by Aleid Hillebrand (holistic veterinarian).

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