Vision and Mission

"No patient is alike, therefore consider each patient as unique and choose for each patient the most appropriate individual treatment." Eric Laarakker

The systems-based holistic vision runs as a common thread trough our courses. In this we put connection, interaction and a personal approach central. 

The organism is connected with its environment, other counterparts, feeding, air, surrounding plants and animals, the rhytm of the seasons, of day and night and so on. Like this our internal systems on physical, mental and emotional/spiritual level (such as skin, respiratory system, digestive system, vascular system, locomotion, feelings, mood and behaviour) are connected as well. The behaviour of a system is formed by the interaction of mutually communicating and interacting subsystems. Feedback plays a major role in this.

In other words, not only the individual sub-systems are considered, but also the way they interact and their place in the whole. This combination of connection, interaction and feedback is unique to each patient and therefore every patient benefits most from a personal approach.Chinese Medicine is an example of an existing medical paradigm that is systems-based.  

This innovative, dynamic approach to medicine enables to offer each patient an individual diagnosis and to provide each patient with the most appropriate tailor-made care by linking different treatment systems (= personalized medicine). 
From our commitment to innovate Healthcare and to offer patients more effectively tailore-made care we share our knowledge and experience in the form of courses. 
Our mission is:

"Improving personal health by sharing knowledge and experience in systems medicine" 


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