Stichting Educatie Holistische Diergeneeskunde - STEHD
STEHD is a foundation with the aim to encourage holistic veterinary medicine in all its aspects. The mission of STEHD is to develop, stimulate and integrate holistic (veterinary) medicine by means of scientific research, education and exchange of information. Per October 2011 the Healthcare-Academy Den Hoek has, in collaboration with STEHD, taken over the educational activities from STEHD. This is to give substance to the growing demand for education in systems medicine. This enables STEHD to focus on its non-profit activities and objectives (fundraising charity to offer educations to talented medical healthcare-professionals). For more information please visit:
Holistic practice for Animals Den Hoek
Eric Laarakker is the founder and owner of the holistic practice for animals Den Hoek. Where he started two decades ago with his holistic veterinary practice, this has grown into a center with 7 veterianrians / therapists. Both humans and animals can come here for treatment.Within the practice, doctors and therapists work closely together according to a private holistic protocol tot treat each patient as well as possible. It uses a combination of medical systems and treatments (including Chinese medicine, manual therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine and many other methods).Where possible, these methods and techniques are also tested scientifically, through cooperation with labarotorys such as Vialight. With a clientele of about 800 - 1000 patients per year, this practice is now a widely accepted and supported initiative. For more information, please visit:
Phytonics / NML Health
Many years of veterinary experience, combined with knowledge of Western and Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and orthomolecular medicine is the foundation of the series of 100% natural health products by PHYTONICS. For more information, please visit:


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