Japanese Veterinary Acupuncture with Rodrigo Monteiro Fagundes

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Chinese medicine made its way to Japan in the 5th century. Since then, Acupuncture suffered modifications that had its origin in the different way of interpret the Chinese classics by the Japanese scholars. This and the fact that Acupuncture was practiced in a regular basis by the visually impaired people in Japan gave rise to a totally different acupuncture technique, much more related to massage techniques, having the palpation as the most important part of diagnosis and treatment. Today, around 40% of the human acupuncturists in Japan are blind.

For this reason, acupuncture in Japan was much more related to massage techniques than to  herbal therapy and it brought many interesting characteristics to Japanese acupuncture. Palpation is the main part of the diagnose procedure and many palpation techniques were  developed to make it a solid and reliable tool.

The more subtle, superficial and painless needle insertion; the development and wider moxibustion use (direct and indirect); the abdominal palpation used as the most important diagnosis technique, and a total distinct pattern differentiation of the pathologies are some of the characteristics that made the Japanese Acupuncture such a different and refined art.

In modern times some techniques like Ion Pumping, Scalp and Tail Yamamoto acupuncture (YNSA), Manaka Hammer, the Akabane Test and some non-insertion acupuncture techniques were developed and added to the Japanese acupuncturists arsenal.

The efficacy and confort provided to the patients made this acupuncture style well accepted and suited for animals. This course aims to introduce you to this new form of Veterinary Acupuncture techniques,  adding new diagnose and treatment tools to enhance your veterinary acupuncture skills.

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MODULE 1 (Theory) - to be scheduled

  • Historic aspects of acupuncture development in Japan
  • Characteristics of Japanese Acupuncture based on historic and cultural aspects and the differences between the Chinese and Japanese acupuncture techniques
  • Different abdominal palpation exams in small animals (historic aspects, development, how to perform and interpret)
  • Modified Akabane Test (theory and development of this diagnostic test, analysis, interpretation and treatment)

MODULE 1, DAY 2 (Wet Lab) - to be scheduled

  • Performing abdominal Palpation exams in small animals
  • Performing the Modified Akabane Test in small animals

MODULE 2, DAY 1 - to be scheduled

  • Patterns in Japanese Veterinary Acupuncture
  • Therapeutic Techniques I, 
  • needle, direct and indirect moxibustion),
  • YNSA (scalp and tail acupuncture)

MODULE 2, DAY 2 - to be scheduled

  • Therapeutic Techniques I (WET LAB)


About Dr. med vet MSc. Rodrigo Monteiro Fagundes
Dr Rodrigo Fagundes is author of the book ‘Acupuntura Veterinaria Japonesa’ (Japanese Veterinary Acupuncture) and of several national and international scientific papers. He lectures Japanese Veterinary Acupuncture at IVAS, and is speaker at International Veterinary Acupuncture Conferences.
For 20 years now, he has owned his veterinary acupuncture clinic in Brasilia, and practices veterinary acupuncture and herbal medicine at the University of Brasilia and the Brasilia Zoo.

Practical Information:

The Course fee: €390,- (lunches included) per module (2 days). Registration is open for veterinarians with basic knowledgement of TCM (Acupuncture and/or herbs) only. If you register for both modules (I and II) the course fee is 750,-
The course language: English
Data: Module 1: to be scheduled, from 09.00 AM – 18.00 PM (16 CE hours). Module 2: to be scheduled , from 09.00 AM – 18.00 PM (16 CE hours).
Location: Healthcare-Academy Den Hoek, Bisschopsweg 2, 3732 HW De Bilt (NL)

Submitted for accreditation: IVAS, SNVA


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